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In Honor of Reat Griffin Underwood, Dr. William Lewis Corporon, and Teresa Lamanno

The Life After Hate family extends our heartfelt condolences to the victims and their loved ones of yet another senseless tragedy precipitated by hate and ignorance. Fourteen year-old Reat Griffin Underwood and his grandfather, Dr. William Lewis Corporon, as well as Teresa Lamanno, of yesterday’s horrific act of violence near Kansas City, join an endless list of innocent people and their families and friends who have suffered at the hands of racism and prejudice.

As former perpetrators of the same types of hateful ideologies, we at Life After Hate are deeply saddened by this tragedy; a terrible attack on innocent men, women, and children which may have been sown from seeds we helped plant decades ago. Our hearts are heavy for all those who continue to suffer. As the hours and days pass, we ask that you match your anger and sadness with empathy and support for the loved ones of the victims who have such a long road ahead. In times like this, solace exists in the hope that a better, more peaceful world can exist if we all contribute in more positive ways.

Our commitment is to dedicate ourselves to their memories and to continue to serve them by promoting compassion, inclusion, and acceptance at every opportunity. We also respond to this tragedy with a challenge to all people to maintain our humanity through this and other times of anger and grief. The mother of Reat Griffin Underwood inspired all of us with the words about her son and her plea to “love one another.” If we do so, hate will have fewer places to hide.


The Life After Hate Team


An Open Letter to the People of Leith, North Dakota, and Surrounding Communities

In light of the recent events in Leith, North Dakota, we at Life After Hate (LAH) applaud your community and those surrounding for your willingness to stand up and raise your voices in the face of adversity. We admire your courage, and that of your neighbors, to send a clear message to those who would undermine the values you hold dear — respect for your neighbors, peace, and unwavering commitment to keep your communities safe and free of hate.