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My Life After Hate

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This is my Life…..


My Life after pain

My life after agony

After storms and heavy rain


This is my Life


After misguided injustice

Now after the mutiny

It was hate & I

Just us


This is my life


After bigotry was my native tongue

After an unrelenting ignorance

Led me to hurt my fellow native sons


This is my life


After disgrace and loathing

Other beings who were like me

Only thing that separated us

Was the dress of our clothing


So now this my life….


Following my shadow predecessor

I am gentle

No longer an aggressor

My understanding now broadened

Eyes now opened

Heeding a new calling

My life now replenished and renewed

My conviction was once skewed

Now redirected redemption from the infamy I subjected

This is my life…….After Hate


From actions both heinous and irate

Recompense through a changed fate

I am living proof that through a tranquil state

God bestows to all who are humbled a refreshed and clean slate.







This Poem is dedicated to MY LIFE AFTER HATE FAMILY, PARTICULARLY ARNO MICHAELS. You have shown to the world that a man can change his perception and devote his life to peace and basic human goodness. I LOVE YOU BROTHER. I AM BEHIND YOU ALWAYS


My story is a story of young and old. Written through every tear drop, heartache, and mournful cry. My pen is the bomb being dropped, the hunger in a child's stomach. My words are the words of every mother who has buried her son, every parent who has tried to protect their bullied child. My thoughts are the thoughts of the deprived, the neglected, and unheard. It is for them that I write and it will be for them that I fight

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